Radiohead's online 'library' hosts rarities, art and merch

The band has also posted rarities on digital music services.

It's been difficult to track down all things Radiohead on the web for a while. Even though the group recently posted its entire catalog to YouTube, you've still had to search fan sites and other sources for every last little bit of art, video or merch. Now, however, you effectively have a one-stop shop. Radiohead has launched a Public Library that serves as a curated archive of the band's music (including B-sides and compilation tunes), artwork, music videos, ad-free live and TV performances, era-specific "office" playlists and even on-demand prints of merch that hasn't been available for years. If you want a Radiohead shirt from the days when Thom still dyed his hair blonde, you can make it happen.

The group is guiding fans through the library by having each of the band members present selections through their social network accounts now through January 24th. And if you want, you can create a custom digital library card for posterity.

To top this off, Radiohead has also published some rarities on streaming and download services that weren't officially available until now, including their debut Drill EP, "I Want None of This" from the Help! A Day in the Life charity compilation and their King of Limbs remix EP TKOL RMX 8.

This isn't literally everything. You're not going to find an early On a Friday recording, and you probably won't see a favorite concert you attended (Montreal in 2001, please?). However, this beats having to track down bootlegged clips or pay through the nose for someone's mint-condition tour tee. And let's face it -- with notable exceptions, it's rare to see artists preserve so much of their legacy online.