Motorola wants you to be careful using the new Razr

Bumps in the folding phone's display are normal, according to Moto.

Now that Motorola's resurrected Razr is available to pre-order, the brand has released a string of videos to pitch and explain the device -- and it's clear the caveats of other foldable phones still apply. A support video, "Caring for Razr," warns users to keep the screen dry, avoid screen protectors, beware of sharp objects and close the phone before tossing it in your pocket. Also, don't assume that efforts to eliminate the usual folding phone crease have resulted in a perfectly flat display. As The Verge noted, Moto tells users that "bumps and lumps are normal" in the plastic screen.

These aren't completely shocking details, but they do serve as reminders that foldable phones are still in their infancy. For that matter, they're important to know if you're spending $1,500 (just over $62 per month on two years of instalments at Engadget's parent Verizon) to be an early adopter. Foldables will become more durable over time, but you'll have to deal with their quirks for now.

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