Google is making a short-form video sharing app for DIY tutorials

Tangi, which stands for TeAch aNd GIve, is the latest Area 120 creation.

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Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images
Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

Today, Google introduced Tangi, an experimental video sharing app created in Area 120, Google's lab for experimental projects. The app lets users post 60-second how-to videos on topics like crafting, cooking, makeup and clothing. It seems that Google hopes the focus on creativity and DIY projects will help Tangi stand out from other bite-sized video apps like Byte or TikTok.

Tangi stands for TeAch aNd GIve (a bit of stretch) and "tangible," as in things you can make. To foster community, it includes a "Try It" feature, which allows users to share their attempts to follow Tangi's minute-long tutorials. According to Google, one of the most recreated videos shows a "hack" for making guacamole in the avocado shell. You can learn other essential skills, like how to make a flower out of plastic spoons and or how to make white candles more exciting by imprinting them with words like love.

Tangi is currently available in the Apple App store. While it hasn't shown up in the Google Play Store yet, anyone can visit Tangi on the web at The upload feature is not yet available to everyone, either, but if you really want to show off your guacamole recreation, you can join the waitlist.

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