Overcast can skip podcast intros and outros

There's also much-improved voice boosting.

Don't like drawn-out podcast introductions, or just don't want to hear the same closing credits every episode? If you're invested in the Apple ecosystem, you might not have to endure them. Marco Arment has updated his Overcast app for iOS, iPadOS and Apple Watch with an option to skip intros and outros. You can tell the player to skip a certain number of seconds at the start or end of a podcast on a per-show basis -- if you know the first 30 seconds of a show is always fluff, you can cut to the heart of the podcast and save precious time.

The update also introduces a much-improved Voice Boost feature that should normalize dialog more consistently and with better quality. You shouldn't be jolted out of your seat when a loud person or a voice assistant starts speaking. You can also expect more powerful AirPlay 2 streaming, clip sharing from private feeds and restored iOS 12 support. Overcast is free, so it won't hurt to give this a try if your usual podcast apps aren't passing muster.