'Altered Carbon' season 2 teaser shows Anthony Mackie as the 'new' hero

Chasing your ghosts can have consequences.

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Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is finally ready to show a little more of Altered Carbon's second season -- if only just. The service has posted a teaser trailer that revolves around Anthony Mackie as the "re-sleeve" of Takeshi Kovacs, who was played by Joel Kinnaman in the first season. As the clip makes clear, though, a new body doesn't make things any easier. He's embroiled in a "ghost story," and there's a risk of becoming a ghost in the process.

The new season debuts February 27th. There's a fair amount of hype for the show, both because of the relatively lengthy two-year wait and because of the show itself. It's arguably Netflix's tentpole 'deep' sci-fi show (Lost in Space being lighter fare) with a healthy audience, and now it has to go up against rivals like Amazon's The Expanse. If Netflix intends to keep sci-fi fans, this new season of Altered Carbon could play a crucial role.

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