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Fujifilm will announce the X-T4 on February 26th

The camera will reportedly include support for 10-bit 6K video capture at 60fps.

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Steve Dent
Steve Dent

Fujifilm will announce the next-generation of its flagship X-series camera, the X-T4, on February 26th. The Japanese camera manufacturer shared the tidbit as kind of a "one more thing" during its X100V launch event in London, and said the event will start at 5AM GMT (12AM ET).

While we don't know exactly how the X-T4 will improve on the already excellent X-T3, Fujirumours suggests the camera will feature Fuji's newest X-Trans APS-C sensor. It will also reportedly include in-body stabilization -- a feature that among the company's X-series cameras has so far been exclusive to the X-H1 -- as well as support for 10-bit internal 6K video capture at 60 frames per second. It could also include a fully articulating screen to make the camera an even better fit for vloggers.

In any case, make sure to visit Engadget on the 26th to get all the latest information about the X-T4.

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