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Chrome will clamp down on sites with annoying video ads

Website owners have four months to comply.

As part of its ongoing efforts to block annoying video ads, Chrome has announced a new set of video advertising standards. The guidelines are based on data from the Coalition of Better Ads, which says there are three types of video advertising that people hate most. Chrome is taking a strong stance against these ad types, and it says website owners have four months to stop running the intrusive ads, or they will risk losing advertising completely.

The Coalition for Better Ads surveyed 45,000 consumers worldwide, and found that most users are especially irritated by ads that make you wait five seconds to skip ahead, mid-roll ads that appear in the middle of a video, as well as images or text that appear on top of a video and are in the middle third of the player or block more than 20 percent of the video.

Beginning August 5th, Chrome will stop showing all ads on sites that repeatedly show these especially annoying formats. YouTube will have to comply, too, and Chrome says it will review its product plans across its ad platforms.

Google has been attempting to block annoying video ads for years. The goal is to filter out the most noxious offenders to that users don't resort to ad blockers, which hurt overall revenue. Since 2018, Google says it has seen ad blocking rates in North America and Europe drop significantly in Chrome, and it hopes the new ad standards will reduce ad blocking even more.