Ecobee's Family Accounts put limits on smart home control

You don't have to give someone full access just to turn on the lights.

Ring isn't the only company giving you better smart home privacy controls. Ecobee is trotting out a Family Accounts feature that lets up to 15 people in your household control thermostats and other gear without having to hand over your sign-in details. They can steer devices and invite other people to the same group, but they can't add or remove devices, make account changes or sign up for Eco+ like the master account can.

You'll have access to Family Accounts so long you're using the latest version of Ecobee's Android or iOS apps. It's a simple update, but it could go a long way toward locking down your smart home tech. It reduces the chances of a lost phone posing a threat to your smart home account, for a start. This also makes it more realistic to trust smart home controls to guests. You can let a good friend turn up the heat without giving them more authority than they really need.

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