GM will bring Super Cruise to 22 vehicles by 2023 (updated)

You'll see 10 models with the driver assist feature by 2021.

The new Cadillac Escalade was just the start of GM's expansion plans for semi-autonomous tech. Company President Mark Reuss told investors that GM would bring Super Cruise to 22 models by 2023, with 10 of them receiving the driver assistance feature by 2021. The exec didn't mention vehicles by name, but the mix would (to no one's surprise) include pickups and SUVs.

GM had already outlined plans to deploy Super Cruise on all Cadillac models and other brands sometime in 2021, but hadn't given numbers like this.

While it's a significant expansion, GM is still being relatively conservative. Super Cruise only allows semi-autonomous driving on specified highways in North America where Tesla's Autopilot works on many roads with the prospect of full self-driving at some point in the future. Greater autonomy will have to wait for vehicles like the Cruise Origin shuttle. GM might not be in a rush, though. Tesla has sometimes been accused of moving too quickly with Autopilot, and the technology has been blamed for some crashes. GM may be happy to move slowly if it avoids safety problems and does more to protect its reputation.

Update 2/6 2:40PM ET: GM told Engadget that those 22 models will have Super Cruise by 2023, not 2022 as CNBC originally said. We've updated the article accordingly.

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