Teenage Engineering wants you to 'hack' its IKEA line with 3D printing

It's sharing free files for 3D-printable accessories.

Teenage Engineering's IKEA collection, the FREKVENS line, arrives in stores this month, and Teenage Engineering is already helping customers hack the products. The company has released free, downloadable CAD files for a handful of DIY accessories that you can 3D print at home and attach to your FREKVENS speakers and lights.

The hacks include add-ons like a cup holder to attached to the side of your speaker, handles and wheels for speaker and light combos and a wall mount. Like the FREKVENS line, the accessories are blocky and modular, with pops of bright red, yellow, blue and teal -- though you can choose your own colors and materials when you're printing at home.

Teenage Engineering says the limited collection is meant for parties, both at home and on the go. It's centered around LED spotlights that react to sound and portable speakers, which can be combined in your own unique setup. The products are fully compatible with Teenage Engineering's synths, and now, they're even more quirky and customizable.