Netflix will let you stop those annoying auto previews

You'll never again have to hear Adam Sandler as soon as you fire up the app.

Our long global streaming nightmare is finally over. At long last, Netflix is letting users turn off those annoying show and movie previews that automatically start whenever you fire it up. Those autoplaying trailers have plagued the Netflix site and apps for around five years.

Netflix said that although some people inexplicably find the previews useful, it gets that many, many others can't stand them. From the Manage Profiles settings on a browser, you can enable or get rid of "Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices."

The change might not take effect immediately, but switching to another profile and back again should do the trick and make sure you don't have to hear Adam Sandler or anyone else whenever you open Netflix. It's wishful thinking to hope Netflix might add trailers to every show and movie page instead, but you never know.

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