A gold-colored Motorola Razr is coming this spring

Flaunt your foldable phone as conspicuously as possible.

The reborn Motorola Razr has a few quirks, but one of the most obvious is that all-black exterior. How are you supposed to flex with your foldable phone when it's so inconspicuous? Don't worry -- you'll have a better chance to flaunt your handset soon. Motorola has confirmed that a "Blush Gold" version of the Razr will be available in the spring. More specific launch details weren't available as we wrote this, but we wouldn't expect it to carry a significant premium over its less resplendent counterpart.

This won't change that you're ultimately buying a mid-range phone with a clever (if fragile) screen. We'd also question the decision to limit nearly all of the gold coloring to the bottom half of the phone -- you know, the part covered by your hands when in use. Wouldn't it be better to offer more obvious displays of wealth? It beats the plain look, though, and it's more in keeping with the splashes of color that were common in the original Razr's heyday.

Motorola Razr (2020) in Blush Gold