Samsung's discounted Galaxy S10 series starts at $599

The former flagship phone is now more affordable.

Now that the Galaxy S20 series is here, there are bargains to be had if you don't need Samsung's absolute latest hardware. The phone maker has cut prices for the Galaxy S10 family. The S10e now starts at an easier to handle $599, while the standard S10 sits at the $749 that you previously paid for its smaller counterpart. And if you want a large phone without jumping to the S20 series, the S10+ starts at $849.

You won't get the larger screens, more advanced cameras and other hardware upgrades of the S20, of course. However, Samsung has promised that some software features will come to the S10 series in time. As such, they might be good deals if you're willing to sit slightly behind the technology curve. Not that Samsung had much choice -- when the S20 line starts at $999, the company needed some more affordable options.

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