Sony could have a new PSVR headset in the works

A report by Bloomberg hints at an upgraded model for PS5.

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We already knew that the PS5 would support Sony's PlayStation VR headset. That makes sense: the new console will be backwards compatible with PS4 software, which presumably includes every VR-enabled title. What we didn't know, however, was the future of the PSVR platform and whether Sony would ever release a PSVR 2. Well, good news: according to Bloomberg, the company is planning a new version of its virtual reality headset, with a tentative release date sometime after the PS5's launch.

For now, it's unclear if "a new version" means a true sequel or a minor hardware redesign. Back in 2017, for instance, Sony released a "CUH-ZVR2" model with better headphone cable management, a slimmer connection cable and updated processor box that supported HDR pass through.

Regardless, a fresh piece of hardware would reinvigorate the PSVR ecosystem. Sony has already sold 5 million units and funded a bunch of exclusive games including the Cockney caper Blood & Truth and wonderfully imaginative Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The original PSVR headset is starting to show its age, however, with a screen resolution (1080x960 pixels per eye) and field of view (100 degrees) that's noticeably lower than most of its PC-powered competition. A major upgrade could accelerate sales and encourage more developers to support the platform -- which is still a tiny slice of the PS4's install base -- in the coming years.

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