Alamo Drafthouse's movie-per-day Season Pass is finally here

How much you'll pay depends on where you live.

It took many months, but Alamo Drafthouse's Season Pass is finally available to everyone -- but like some rivals, what you'll pay depends on where you live. The service gives everyone access to one regularly priced movie per day, with seat reservations up to a week in advance. The prices vary sharply, though. Only viewers happy to watch in New Braunfels, Texas will get the best pricing at $15 per month, with $5 discounts at other locations. People in eight other locations (including Austin, Denver and Raleigh) will have to pay at least $20 per month with $10 discounts at other locations, and those watching in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco will have to shell out $30 per month.

There are no contracts, although you will have to cover "convenience fees" and taxes -- plus, of course, tickets for anyone who doesn't have a Season Pass.

The wider access comes just weeks after MoviePass went bankrupt and reflects a maturing approach to theater subscription services. Like with AMC, Alamo wants to tempt you into frequent theater visits at a price that's more sustainable than MoviePass' $10 per month. Of course, Alamo also has the luxury of hosting more than just standard movie releases. Between special events and food at your seat, it has other ways to profit from your visits.