Every ‘Star Wars’ feature film will be available on 4K Blu-ray in March

We’re still not getting the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy, though.

So far, Star Wars fans have only been able to watch The Last Jedi and Solo on 4K Blu-ray. The rest of the live action movies will be getting the 4K Blu-ray treatment on March 31st, though, for a total of 11 Star Wars films on the high resolution format. That, of course, includes the latest entry -- and the final chapter in the "Skywalker Saga" -- The Rise of Skywalker, which comes out on March 17th on digital and March 31st on standard and 4K Blu-ray.

Watching the films with a new level of super sharp clarity will be a treat, so it may be worth it for fans who already own the standard Blu-ray versions of the movies to upgrade. Unfortunately, the original trilogy movies coming to 4K Blu-ray -- A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi -- will be the Special Edition versions, which made some much-needed visual improvements, but also added gaudy and distracting CGI elements.

Star Wars Skywalker Saga Box Set

The nine main entries in the Star Wars saga will be available in a limited edition box set that includes 27 discs. You'll have to pick up the side stories -- Rogue One and Solo -- separately. It seems like March 31st is going to be an expensive day for die-hard Star Wars fans.