'No Man's Sky' update adds living ships to its universe

You'll have to nurture your ship if you want to fulfill its potential.

No Man's Sky has been making dramatic strides in quality and originality in recent years, and its latest revision appears to be a textbook example of that. Hello Games has released a Living Ship Update that, as the name states, asks you to grow an organic spaceship. Rather than slap on upgrades like you would with a metal vessel, you 'hatch' a ship with unique organs that dictate its abilities. If you want to improve its traits, you have to nurture your ship. Not surprisingly, there's a multi-mission campaign to go with these ships -- you'll explore the Korvax experiments that led to the creation of biological spacecraft.

You can also expect new deep space encounters, new lifeforms and "mysterious objects." There will be some appreciable variety even if you don't care for the update's main hook, then.

The Living Ship update reflects a recent change in strategy for NMS that has seen Hello focus more on smaller but more frequent updates instead of monolithic packs (like Next and Beyond) that leave people with the same material for several months or more. Arguably, the studio can afford to put out these more modest expansions. NMS is in much better shape in the Beyond era than it was before, and it's now more a question of refinement than taking care of any glaring omissions.