Google's image results will soon tell you more about what you're seeing

It's marking image results with a product, a recipe or a video icon, depending on their nature.

Google's image results don't show a lot of details at first glance -- they typically only include a photo's dimensions on the bottom left corner, along with its source page's title and URL. Starting later this week, though, image results on desktop will be a bit more informative: The tech giant is replacing the images' size tags with new icons that reveal more about their sources' nature.

The new icons indicate whether the image you're clicking leads to a page with products for sale, to a page with recipes or to video content. They appear small and unobtrusive at first glance, but mousing over them shows the tags in full, even the video's length. While the icons' addition isn't a huge change, it could make it easier to sift through hundreds of results and find what you're looking for. If, say, you're doing an image search to find a particular product to buy, you can simply just check out all the photos marked with the product tag.

Google isn't killing image dimensions completely, though. You'll just have to select the thumbnail of a photo you want to know more about and then mouse over it to see the size tag at its usual place in the bottom left corner.