Xbox Series X's game resume feature even works after a reboot

No more schlepping to the next save point.

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Microsoft has been gradually dropping nuggets of information about its next generation Xbox. The first Xbox Series X games will be cross-gen, the console with have a 12 teraflop GPU and -- possibly -- it will rely on one HDMI port instead of two. Now, Microsoft's Larry Hryb has revealed a feature: quick game resume following a reboot.

In a new podcast, Hryb notes that while the Xbox One had its own resume feature, the Series X will resume multiple games from a suspended state whether you're switching games, rebooting the console or resuming from standby. This will obviously be a boon to players with parents or partners that like to "make a point" by hitting the off button mid-play, but it'll also encourage healthier playing habits -- switch off when you want, not when save points say you can.

We're still months away from the Xbox Series X release, so you can expect more tidbits and leaks before the launch. Undoubtedly we'll get some more details at the Game Developers Conference next month, too, where Microsoft will be holding a talk to discuss how it's collaborating with game designers.

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