Byte's first batch of creator partners will split $250,000

Its Partner Program will kick off on April 15th.

Byte, the short-form video platform created by Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann, will soon start giving early creators a cut of its ad revenue. The company first revealed its plans for a Partner Program last month, publishing initial details of how it'll pay its stars, likely in an effort to lure users committed to making content. In a new post on its forum, Byte said it will start reaching out to creators "who are committed to furthering their craft" on the platform next week.

Here's how the program works: every 120 days, Byte will establish a pool of funds that it will divide between participating creators. Participants go up a "Viewership Bracket" ladder the more views they get, and going up a bracket means earning more money. Everyone in a bracket earns the same amount and will be paid every 30 days. The program kicks off on April 15th, and up to 100 participants will be sharing the first cash pool ($250,000). Unfortunately, only creators based in the US are eligible at the moment, though Byte says it's working on a way to open the program to people outside the country.