Amazon has a rare sale on official iPhone cases

Amazon is selling several first-party iPhone cases at all-time low prices.

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Chris Velazco/Engadget
Chris Velazco/Engadget

Apple's first-party iPhone cases tend to cost significantly more than their no-name counterparts. Even cases from well-regarded companies like Spigen are usually less expensive than the ones you can buy directly from Apple. That said, if you prefer to put your recently purchased iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max in a matching case, Amazon has discounted its stock of Apple-made cases. In some instances, the company is currently selling the accessories at all-time low prices.

iPhone 11

When it comes to the iPhone 11, there are two options we want to highlight. Amazon is currently selling the clear case for $32 instead of $39. In the past, the company has sold this case for as little as $24, but it's still a good option if you want to show off your iPhone's vibrant hues while still protecting it from accidental drops.

The other option is the silicone case. It's currently $30, down from $39. At its lowest, Amazon has sold this case for $28. So you probably won't miss out on too much of a bigger discount if you decide to buy now. When it comes to the iPhone 11, the silicone case comes in two colors: black and white. At the moment, the white one is currently only $8 off, instead of $9.01 like the black one.

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iPhone 11 Pro

Unlike the silicone case for the iPhone 11, the one for the iPhone 11 Pro is available in more than just black and white. However, Amazon hasn't included every single one in its current sale. For example, if you want to save on the pomegranate case, you're out of luck. But there are a couple of all-time low prices to be found among the bunch. The white case, for example, is currently $19.50. Most of the other ones are in and around the price of the black one, which is now $31, down from $39.

If you feel like being fancy, you can get one of Apple's first-party leather cases for about $25, down from $49. As with the silicone protectors, keep in mind that not every color is currently on sale.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max owners get the most choice, with the clear, silicone and leather cases all included in Amazon's current promotion. The clear case is currently $34, down from $39. The silicone case, meanwhile, is $31 at the moment, instead of $39. Lastly, you can get one of the leather cases for as low as $25. Same deal as the iPhone 11 Pro cases mentioned above: not every color is on sale.

iPhone XS

If you happen to own an iPhone XS, you get access to the most intriguing of Amazon's case deals. The company is currently selling the pink sand model of Apple's smart battery case for $65. The 50 percent discount is an all-time low for Amazon. At $78.47, the black and white models are also excellent deals.

iPhone XS Max

Lastly, there's something for iPhone XS Max owners. The Product Red silicone case is currently $20, matching an all-time low for the accessory.

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Amazon has a rare sale on official iPhone cases