Hulu's live TV service is finally available on the PS4

Better late than never.

Starting today, you can watch Hulu + Live TV on your PlayStation 4 console. Live TV's PS4 debut comes nearly three years after Hulu first launched the service, and more than a month after Sony shut down its competing PlayStation Vue service. The company didn't say why it took it so long for it to bring Hulu + Live TV to Sony's console, but here we are and better late than never.

Besides the PS4, Hulu + Live TV is available on consoles like the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as a variety of other devices and TVs. If you already have the Hulu app installed on your PS4 and you're already a Live TV subscriber, you'll be able to watch live TV channels the next time you launch the app. For everyone else, you'll need to visit Hulu's website to update your subscription. It currently costs $55 to get access to the service.