YouTube Music's redesigned playback screen includes lyrics

It's also much easier to shuffle or repeat tracks.

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YouTube Music is still catching up on features, and this time around it's one of the most important elements: the Now Playing screen you see whenever you listen. After weeks of testing, the Android version's updated playback screen includes clearer and more persistent buttons, including Up Next (to show your queue), shuffle, repeat and flipping between pure music and videos. However, it also includes an "experiment" that displays lyrics -- not a new feature in music apps, but appreciated all the same. Just be aware that it only works with some songs.

The updated screen is available in the latest version of YouTube Music's Android app today, although it may take a few days to roll out to everyone. You should also expect a corresponding update for iOS sometime in the "near future." While this won't convince you to switch to YouTube Music (even if you're a Google Play Music user), it might convince you to stay if earlier design decisions proved frustrating.

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