Electric skateboard maker Boosted announces 'significant' layoffs

Now the company is looking for a buyer.

In 2012, Boosted came onto the scene with its crowdfunded Loaded Vanguard light electric skateboard and has since produced a string of personal vehicles including last year's Rev scooter. Unfortunately things may be nearing the end, as the company announced "the incredibly difficult decision to let a significant portion of the Boosted team go." It cited the "unplanned challenge "of the US-China tariff war as a factor in its struggle, despite the many riders putting in millions of miles of riding on its products.

Since its launch, the "micromobility" field has become increasingly crowded, and there doesn't seem to be a sure winner at this point, but as its CTO and CEO noted in the post, the need to keep capital flowing to maintain production and maintenance of vehicles is tricky. Now the plan is to "pursue strategic options under new ownership," so we'll have to wait and see what that looks like in the future.