Spotify is working on voice activation for its apps

You'll be able to summon the app with 'Hey Spotify,' according to Jane Manchun Wong.

You may be able to summon Spotify on your phone with a simple voice command in the future: According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the company is working on a voice activation feature for its app. Based on what Wong unearthed, the application will have the capability to listen for the words "Hey Spotify." However, the feature, which you'll be able to toggle on under microphone permissions, will only work if the app is already open.

That probably makes it a lot less useful than we'd all like, seeing as you can always just give the app a more prominent location on your homescreen. You can also use just your device's buttons and Spotify's lockscreen controls to control the app. It may just be a way to familiarize people with the "Hey Spotify" command, though, since the company is reportedly developing an in-car music device with voice control. That said, the company may still change the way the feature works before it's released, if it does decide to give the public access to it.