Hyperice teases 'wellness pods' filled with pro sports recovery tech

Hyperice has acquired NormaTec after years of collaboration.

Two of the biggest names in professional sports recovery tech are joining forces. Hyperice has formally acquired NormaTec, and the companies -- which have been collaborating since 2016 -- plan on pooling their experience and resources to further develop products that are already big in the pro sports world.

On the agenda for next year is the roll-out of "wellness pods," which the companies describe as a "physical experience which includes a full suite of Hyperice and NormaTec devices." These pods will be designed for all kinds of organizations -- not just professional sports groups -- that have a focus on health and wellness, and are expected to launch around the world at the end of 2022. The companies will also work together on a new body of scientific research exploring warm up, recovery and general physical health.