The original iPad is turning 10 and we want your thoughts

It wasn’t just a big iPhone.

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The iPad turns 10 next month, and it's hard to remember a time when Apple's tablet wasn't ubiquitous. Sure, some of us derided it as "a giant iPhone'' when it debuted, but over the past decade the line has distinguished itself with accessories to make it more of a laptop replacement, along with plenty of useful apps and games that really take advantage of its size. But here we're going to focus on the OG iPad, a device that our reviewer called "a cohesive touch computing platform with very few rough edges."

We'd love to hear you talk about those edges — along with all the things the device did right. How well did you adjust to working with a 9.7-inch screen? How did the device feel in your hand? Was its performance up to handling your videos, photos and games? Did you like the display quality back then? And do you remember what it was like using iPhone OS 3 on the thing? (This was before the name change to iOS.)

Tell us the answers to these questions and more in a user review on our iPad 1st-gen product page. The most interesting, insightful or hilarious comments will be featured in a user review roundup in honor of the iPad's birthday next month. Also tell us if you typed your review on an iPad — you won't get bonus points (as we have none to award) but we'll at least be amused.

Note: Comments are off on this article; please leave your user reviews on our product page for the 1st-gen iPad.

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