Steam's personalized news hub keeps you updated about your games

It will show you the latest events relevant to the titles in your library and wishlist.

Steam's front page can keep you abreast of the latest store-wide happenings and community recommendations. But if you want to read the latest about the games you have and games you're keeping an eye on, Valve's Steam News Hub is the place to check out. The personalized mobile-friendly hub highlights live events that are currently happening, such as live streams with developers or any new content added to your games. You can even choose to get email or mobile reminders for those events, so you get right to them if you want.

It also features announcements related to your games, though, as well as any upcoming events happening in the future. Valve says the hub's content will be based on the games in your library and your wishlist, as well as the games you chose to follow on their store pages. In addition, it will show you the latest about the titles Steam would recommend based on what you play and the latest news from the Steam Blog and the Steamworks Blog if you're a developer.

That said, you can always hide posts about specific titles or from specific sources, if you're not exactly interested in hearing about them. Since it's still a Steam Labs experiment, though, the current version of the hub isn't its final form yet -- according to the developer, it plans to add more options that will let you personalize it even further in the coming weeks.