Lotus has already sold out of its electric hypercar for 2020

Turns out there's an audience for super-expensive EVs.

Did you stare at the Lotus Evija and wonder how anyone could justify an electric hypercar costing over $2.6 million, especially from a brand best known for far lighter and cheaper gas vehicles? Apparently, you had no reason to doubt. Lotus told Autocar that it has already sold out of the Evija production run for 2020, which is due to start in the summer. It didn't provide specific numbers, but the automaker is expected to make 130 Evijas in total.

The total production run compares closely to the 150 Pininfarina expects for its Battista EV, although the Italian badge hasn't said how its sales are faring.

It's not completely unexpected that Lotus would sell out. The hypercar world is dominated by ultra-wealthy customers who frequently snap up vehicles without a moment's hesitation, to the point where manufacturers sometimes announce cars that have already been spoken for. However, the market for electric hypercars is still very young. Lotus' performance suggests that many of these customers have no qualms about spending their fortunes on zero-emissions hypercars, and that bodes well for the cachet of EVs among car fans with more reasonably-sized bank accounts.