Pixel 4a photo leaks hint at a no-frills budget phone

Google might stick to the basics for its next Android handset.

Those early Pixel 4a rumors might just carry some weight. Photo leaks appearing on Twitter and Reddit appear to show Google's upcoming low-cost phone in the wild, and they seem to validate earlier claims. The well-worn prototype 4a in the pictures apparently ditches the face recognition and dual cameras of the regular Pixel 4 in favor of a more conventional fingerprint reader and single rear cam. You'd find a hole-punch camera on the front for selfies, and Google would keep the headphone jack around for those who can't justify Bluetooth earbuds.

The snapshots don't reveal too much more about what's inside the phone, although a capture of the available storage hints that you might still have to be content with 64GB of non-expandable storage. It's expected to carry a 5.7- or 5.8-inch screen and use a mid-tier Snapdragon processor (likely from the 600 or 700 series) to both keep costs down and wring out extra battery life.

It's not certain when the Pixel 4a might arrive, especially in light of the coronavirus outbreak affecting production for numerous companies. Google certainly isn't tied to a specific launch window now that I/O is cancelled. However, it's hard to imagine Google waiting long. The Pixel 3a served not only as an entry point for Google's smartphone line, but as a way to keep the series fresh and in the public spotlight while the main Pixel was still mid-cycle.