Honda will discontinue its Clarity EV in 2020

It will still produce the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell models.

Honda is discounting the pure-electric version of its lease-only Clarity, Autoblog reports. It appears that Honda will continue to produce the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell Clarity models, at least in 2020.

This isn't totally surprising, as the Clarity EV had a pretty limited range. It only traveled about 89 miles on a charge. At the time of its debut, it seemed that Honda was betting on luxury over distance. But many other EVs offer both, and it looks like that bet didn't work out.

It is a bit more surprising that Honda will keep the hydrogen fuel cell model. Even though that version has been around the longest -- it arrived in California in 2016 -- refueling infrastructure is still limited, so it's still an early adopter car and requires that owners live close enough to fueling stations. The 2020 model will lease for $379 per month (for 36 months).

If you're not ready for a hydrogen vehicle, the 2020 Clarity plug-in hybrid starts at $33,400 and has a combined range of 340 miles. When we reviewed the hybrid model, we found that it offered a comfortable interior and ride and was a viable contender in the hybrid space.