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iOS 14 might let you scroll through apps in a list view

It will include filters and Siri-powered smart suggestions.

Apple appears to be working on a new homescreen option for iOS 14 that will allow users to view their apps in a list format. Leaked code, obtained by 9to5Mac, suggests that the list format will let users sort their apps with several filters.

Users will be able to see apps that have unread notifications, or filter apps by most recent activity. The list view will also include Siri-powered smart suggestions, so for example, it might recommend the Music app when you get to the gym, 9to5Mac says.

The changes could make it easier to see all of your downloaded apps at once. The format sounds similar to the List View option in Watch OS, but that doesn't offer as many sorting options, at least not yet.

This is the second iOS 14 rumor that we've heard so far this week. Just yesterday, 9to5Mac spotted code that suggests the updated operating system may expand mouse support with iPadOS 14.