Epic Games Store now lets you add titles to a wishlist

It can't send you alerts for sales and discounts just yet, but it can help you keep track of games' prices.

Epic Games is finally giving you the ability to save games to a wishlist. The company has added "the first version of wishlists" to the Epic Games Store, which usually gets a lot of flak for being too basic compared to Steam. By adding the feature, the platform is slowly playing catch up -- to save a title, simply find the heart button at the bottom right of a game's page and then click it. Like any other wishlist feature out there, it'll give you an easy way to track price changes and sales for the titles you've been keeping an eye on.

Epic Games says it's planning to add email notifications in the future, which will send you alerts about discounts and availability, in case you've added something that's not yet out for purchase. For now, you can only browse the list and search for specific terms in case you've already added quite a few titles. If you want to see your wishlist, you can simply check out the dedicated section for it on the Epic Games Store website upon logging in or find it in the left-hand menu inside the launcher.