Epic Games Store will keep offering free games throughout 2020

Gotta keep its 108 million customers happy.

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Epic Games Store will keep offering free games throughout 2020

The Epic Games Store has faced something of a challenge in capturing the hearts and minds of gamers since its launch in 2018. Its continued insistence on exclusives, plus its relative immaturity compared to the likes of Steam, has seen complaints from all sides. But its hard graft is paying off, and the platform is sharing its good fortune with its fans. Today, it announced it will be continuing its weekly free game program throughout 2020 -- claim a game for free, and it's yours to keep forever.

Clearly this would not be an endeavour undertaken by a company in trouble, and as Epic's latest stats show, it's positively thriving. The Epic Games Store now has 108 million PC customers, spending a total of $680 million -- evidently its more generous revenue sharing and developer support has gone down well , and of course its raft of exclusives has helped to raise its profile, too. Sure, it has a way to go before it catches up with Steam, but that's no longer a completely far-fetched idea.

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