Comcast suspends data caps, makes Xfinity WiFi free for 60 days

To help people connected while they're at home, it's making some changes.

Yesterday Comcast and AT&T were among ISPs announced some relaxed policies to help people suddenly stuck at home due to countermeasures taken in the fight against COVID-19. Today, along with an announcement that wireless carriers are suspending cancellations and expanding access, Comcast, the largest ISP in the US, followed up with a slew of new policies that will be in effect for the next 60 days to help people stay connected.

For the time being, it's suspending the data plan that capped bandwidth usage at 1TB per month, and it's opening access to Xfinity WiFi for free to everyone. The Internet Essentials program for low-income families that costs $9.95 per month will be free to new subscribers for the first two months, and it has also committed to no disconnects or late fees.