Grab an Xbox One X bundle for $250 at B&H

It's a good deal for the console even if you don't care for the game.

If you're looking for a console to tide yourself (or your kids) over for spring break, now might be a prime opportunity. B&H is selling an Xbox One X bundle that includes NBA 2K19 for a modest $250 -- that's significantly below most deal prices, and half of what Microsoft was charging when the console was new. While the game is clearly outdated, this price is low enough that it might not matter if you're just looking for the 4K-capable system.

If you'd really rather have another game, you can snag the Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle for $299. There's also supposed to be a sale on the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle, but the retailer has already run out of stock.

There are a few caveats. You'll want to act quickly, for a start. B&H closes its site on Saturdays, and there's no guarantee the bundle will still be available when the site is back. Enthusiasts will also point out that the Xbox Series X launch is several months away, so there's not as much incentive to buy if you aren't in a rush. Unlike what you've seen with past console launches, though, the Xbox One X should still have plenty of useful life in it after launch. Microsoft has stressed that at least some early Series X games will be playable on earlier consoles -- you may not have to think about upgrading for a while.

Buy Xbox One X NBA 2K19 bundle on B&H Photo - $250

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