Line messenger now works with Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant added the option to read messages in non-Google apps last year.

If you use Line's Android messaging app, you can now ask Google Assistant to send and read text messages. It's as simple as saying, "Hey Google, send a Line message to..." or "Hey Google, read my Line messages."

Last year, we learned that Google was rolling out an option to read messages from non-Google apps, like WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram. We didn't know that the option would extend to Line. Line does have its own voice assistant, Clova, designed to compete with Google Assistant and power its AI speakers, but adding this Google Assistant capability will make it easier for Line's Android users to send and receive texts hands-free.

For now, the feature only works with one-to-one texts, so Google Assistant can't read your Line group chats aloud. And you can't ask Google Assistant to perform other tasks, like placing calls. Line plans to add more features in the future, but it's too soon to say what those will be or when they'll arrive. At the moment, Line's Android app works with Google Assistant in English and Japanese.