That quirky e-reader you could draw on is back

The second-gen model is available for pre-order now.

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The second version of reMarkable, the e-paper table you can doodle on, is now available for pre-order. A Norwegian startup of the same name launched the original version back in 2017 to provide people an easy way to digitize handwritten notes. The company says that reMarkable 2 is "the most paper-like digital device the industry has ever seen." It's 0.19-inch thin -- reMarkable claims it's the world's thinnest tablet -- and boasts the company's completely redesigned second-generation Canvas display that's partially powered by e-ink technology. You can pre-order the device, which is slated to start shipping in June, from its official website for $399.

The device can convert handwritten notes into text and provide you with a way to organize, annotate, search and share your files to multiple platforms. It will come loaded with a Chrome plug-in that can reformat web articles and strip them of unnecessary elements, showing them without distractions.

Pre-ordered units will come bundled with a marker and a folio case, but those accessories can be purchased separately later in case you're still undecided. The basic marker, which is included with the pre-order, will set you back $49, while the marker with a built-in eraser will cost you $99. Meanwhile, the basic folio sleeve with the bundle is priced at $69 and the book folio that lets you keep reMarkable 2 in its cover while working costs $99.

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