Android 11 developer preview offers more control over robocalls

It'll also do more to support foldable phones and super-fast displays.

Android 11 might make life considerably easier if you're tired of fighting robocalls. Google has released a second Developer Preview for Pixel phones with frameworks that let call-screening apps not only verify calls, but tell you whether it's in your contacts and provide a reason for rejecting a call. Your carrier might know whether you feel a call is spam or something more innocuous.

DP2 is better-suited to modern hardware, too. Games and other apps can set a preferred refresh rate if you happen to have a phone with a speedy screen, like the Galaxy S20 or Pixel 4. Android 11 will also support hinge sensors so that foldable phones can react to an open phone's specific angle.

As always, you'll want to avoid installing a developer release on your main phone or any other device you need to work reliably. This isn't even a public beta, let alone a polished release. It's more of a peek at the near future of Android, particularly for subtler features that could have a larger effect on your daily life.