Slack’s latest changes couldn’t come at a better time

The updates should make the app easier to navigate and organize.

Slack was already a big part of modern work life for many people, but as more companies turn to remote work, it is becoming even more essential. Even if you were using Slack to chat with coworkers in an office before, conducting all of your conversations there could be a big shift. Fortunately, Slack is introducing changes to make its desktop platform easier to use and organize.

Users on paid plans will be able to organize their channels, direct messages and apps in customizable sections in their sidebar. You can name the sections as you see fit (emojis included, obviously), and you'll be able to drag and drop conversations and channels into those new sections. In a world full of chaos, being able to add order and structure to your Slack account may offer a bit of relief.

Slack is also rolling out a new navigation bar, which will keep key information, like mentions, reactions to your messages and files, at the top of your sidebar. And it's adding a new shortcut button (a lightning bolt next to the message input field) that will give you quick access to Slack-compatible apps, like Google Drive, Zoom, Trello and more. That could reduce the need to switch between so many windows and tabs.

In the past year, Slack has made its desktop app more efficient, added a dark mode, improved security and introduced shared channels, email and calendar integrations. The rollout of these latest changes begins today and will continue for several weeks, so it may take some time before you're able to test them out yourself.