‘Dreams’ player forced to remove his fan-made Mario assets

Dream big but not too big.

Sony's long-awaited Dreams arrived earlier this year, a LittleBigPlanet-esque wonderland in which players can build almost any kind of world they can imagine -- but only if it doesn't infringe on copyright, apparently. According to Dreams content creator @Piece_of_Craft, "a big video game company" has come after him for his use of Nintendo's Super Mario character on the platform.

In a tweet, @Piece_of_Craft said that Nintendo had objected to his use of Mario in his Dreams project, and had called on Sony to pull his work offline. As such, his Mario projects -- used by many user-generated Super Mario levels -- are now on hold.

It's no secret that Nintendo is fiercely protective of its intellectual property, although it's interesting that the company chose to pursue action via Sony, rather than approaching @Piece_of_Craft directly. Of course, Dreams does give players the opportunity to sell their work beyond the PS4, which opens up a whole new complicated avenue for potential copyright infringement, so Sony is clearly setting a firm precedent, going forward. So basically, you can dream big, but not too big.