Microsoft’s News Bar adds a scrolling news feed to Windows 10

The app will display top regional news in a banner above the taskbar.

In case you didn't already feel inundated with news, Microsoft is introducing a new app that will display a scrolling news feed across your desktop. News Bar, currently available as a beta for Windows 10, will curate the top regional news from over 4,500 publications, and if you choose, it will include customizable stock info.

You can position the ticker tape across the bottom of your screen, where it sits above the taskbar, or move it to the side or top of your desktop. You'll be able to choose text or image previews, and if it's too much, you can hide the app altogether.


This is still a beta, so Microsoft is asking for feedback. One glaring omission is that you can't customize which sources your news comes from or which topics are covered. And according to The Verge, News Bar doesn't respect your default browser preferences. Instead, it opens links in Microsoft's Edge browser.

A non-stop stream of news may not be the best thing for your stress during the coronavirus pandemic, but the app could help more users stay updated on the latest developments. Companies from Google to Facebook (WhatsApp) and The Weather Channel have been trying to figure out how to deliver accurate information about COVID-19. While News Bar was likely in the works before the pandemic began, it could help deliver accurate, reliable info.