Delayed 'Resident Evil: Resistance' beta goes live on PC and PS4

You can try the multiplayer game for free until April 3rd.

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After technical issues forced Capcom to delay the Resident Evil: Resistance beta on PC and PlayStation 4, it's now available on those platforms in addition to Xbox One. You'll need to install an update to try it on PS4 and Steam.

You can check out the multiplayer game for free until April 3rd, after which you'll need to own the Resident Evil 3 remake to keep playing. When Capcom announced the latter, which it will release that same day, it said Resident Evil: Resistance would be bundled with its latest stab at reworking a core game from the survival horror series.

Resident Evil: Resistance borrows a page out of the Dead by Daylight playbook. It pits a quartet of survivors against a sole mastermind, who can set forth monsters and place traps to take out the four other players.

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