Google Maps now highlights restaurants with delivery options

It may help you support local eateries during the pandemic.

Google Maps is still useful for grabbing a bite to eat even in the midst of widespread COVID-19 lockdowns, it seems. Google has rolled out updates to its Android and iOS apps that highlight restaurants with delivery (and, for some reason, takeout) options -- you just need to tap a button at the main screen to see what's available. It won't let you order food unless there's direct integration, alas, but it could help you browse neighborhood eateries if you're eager to support a local business during the pandemic.

The feature is available now in at least the US, Canada and France, and likely other parts of the world as well. Yes, this Maps tweak is arguably a cruel reminder of all the places you can't go while you're staying at home during the pandemic. Look at it this way, though: unlike with some delivery apps, you'll know just where to go when it's finally safe to visit a restaurant in person.

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