3Doodler's preschool-friendly 3D printing pen goes on sale for $30

Kids can make their own tiny toys using molds.


3Doodler — the maker of 3D-printing pens — announced earlier this year that is was adding a preschooler-friendly model to its kids’ line-up, and now it’s arrived. Aimed at little ones as young as four, the chunky gun-shaped device is designed to help kids create tiny plastic toys in molds, instead of free-form styles.

The non-toxic, biodegradable plastic is only heated up when the device’s handle is turned, and it runs off three AA batteries. Supervision is required, of course, but it’s a considerably safer take on the standard 3D pen and its accompanying risks. It’s also adaptable for both right- and left-handed users and comes with 16 color refills.

The 3Doodler 3D Build and Play joins 3Doodler’s existing kids’ line-up, which has already made inroads in the school and education market, and is available on Amazon and from for $30.

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