3Doodler's latest 3D printing pen lets pros draw with metal and wood

The Pro+ could even be used for repairs.


3Doodler’s 3D printing pens aren’t just for enthusiasts and students. The company has introduced the 3Doodler Pro+, a “professional-grade” pen aimed at everyone from artists to engineers. Its dual drive system can 3D print with material beyond the usual plastics, including bronze, copper, nylon and wood. You can use the Pro+ for architecture, design or even repairs, 3Doodler said.

The pen unsurprisingly includes high-precision speed and temperature controls, helped in part by a display on the pen itself. A magnetic underside gives you easy access to the internal components for service. The pen should run “longer and harder” than past 3Doodler pens, the company said, although it didn’t quantify those claims (see the update below).

The Pro+ pen is available now for $250. That’s considerably more expensive than past 3Doodler pens (the Create+ Essentials set costs $80, for example). However, the company is clearly betting that it’s a trivial price for professionals who could recoup the investment through their projects. What they spend up front could make extra money by speeding up the creative process or enabling work that wasn’t even an option before.

Update (7:45 PM ET): As far as its ability to run longer than old pens, 3Doodler has responded with some specific details on what to expect.

  • The PRO+ can extrude for 30 min continuously before stopping for a 2 min cool down period, whereas, the Create+ can only extrude continuously for 10 min before shifting into the 2 min cool down mode.

  • The PRO+ will power down into sleep mode after sitting idle for 15 min in the on position, whereas, the Create+ will power down into sleep mode after 5 min of sitting idle in the on position.