A new 3D Sonic platformer is coming to Apple Arcade in December

Disney Dreamlight Valley will hit the subscription service soon too.


Apple has announced the latest slate of upcoming games for Apple Arcade, one week after it increased the price of the subscription service for the first time in many markets. Among the titles Apple has in the pipeline is a new, exclusive 3D Sonic platformer.

In Sonic Dream Team, Doctor Eggman has found a way to turn dreams into reality. Sonic and his pals will have to navigate strange dreamscapes as they try to stop their old foe. Along with Sonic, you'll be able to play as Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream and Rouge. Each character has their own unique abilities. You'll be able to check out Sonic Dream Team when it lands on Apple Arcade on December 5.

Hitting the service on the same day is Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition. It's a mashup of an Animal Crossing-style life sim and an adventure game with a host of Disney and Pixar characters you can befriend.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been in early access on other platforms since August last year. It was supposed to become a free-to-play title with paid expansions upon its official release in December, but developer Gameloft has changed tack, instead deciding to charge $40 for the base game on consoles and PC. However, you won't need to pay extra to play it on Apple Arcade. You'll also get access to the A Rift In Time expansion at no extra cost.

In addition to those titles, six other games are coming to Apple Arcade over the next couple of months, such as Football Manager 2024 Touch. In a first for the soccer management sim series, you'll be able to carry over your progress from Football Manager 2023 Touch.

Other upcoming games include cooking title Delicious - Miracle of Life+, Puzzle & Dragons Story (an exclusive) and oil rush-based sim Turmoil+. Knotwords+, a version of the word game that caught fire last year in the wake of Wordle’s success, will hit Apple Arcade on November 3. Indie classic Downwell+ (from Poinpy developer Ojiro Fumoto) will land join the service's lineup on November 17.

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