Abode opens up pre-orders for its Outdoor Smart Camera

The company is expanding its DIY home security lineup.


All the way back at CES (which feels like it was a million years ago), Abode showed off its Outdoor Smart Camera, and now the device is available for pre-order. It works with the company's DIY home security system. However, you can also deploy it as a standalone security camera.

The smart camera has a modular design and it comes with mounts to help you set it up in the perfect position. It can take the place of your old doorbell, if you like. It boasts a PIR motion sensor, an IR LED for low light and a wide-angle lens that captures 1080p footage across a 152-degree field of view.

The Outdoor Smart Camera also has an IP65 weather-resistance rating, so it should withstand a variety of conditions. It also has a microphone for two-way communication.

Through Alexa Video support, you can view a live feed of what the camera's seeing on an Echo Show. The device supports Google Video too, and Abode has submitted it to Apple for HomeKit certification. With a future firmware update, the Outdoor Smart Camera will be able to use computer vision to identify people (through facial recognition), packages and pets.

On top of all that, the camera has a number of enhancements Abode is bringing to its other video-enabled devices via a firmware update. These include reduced latency and improved video quality. The update will also "substantially accelerate time-to-first frame," according to the company.

You can snag an Outdoor Smart Camera now at an early-bird price of $159 and it should ship early next month. The regular price is $199.

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