Jasmine Hruschak
- Contributing Streamer
Jasmine's focus has always been gaming with other people. Before discovering MMOs, Jasmine would invite her friends over to take turns playing Crash Bandicoot. Being exposed to Diablo II abruptly ended face-to-face socialization. (Ha ha! Just kidding! She leaves the house at least twice a month for groceries.)Jasmine is usually gaming, creating gaming content, or both, either on Massively's Stream Team or on her own Twitch.tv channel. She's also on YouTube, where she promises that you will not be mauled by bears. Seriously. 100% No-Bear-Guarantee. It only happened that one time and there's no reason to make a big thing about it.Twitter: IRLJasmine Facebook: IRLJasmine Blog: IRLJasmine

Articles By Jasmine Hruschak

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