Jay Savage
By day, Jay Savage is a fundraiser for Fordham University, where he manages the direct mail and telemarketing programs. Let the flames begin. It's not as bad as it sounds, though. Mostly it's a lot of writing, perl and SQL work, and arguing with printers. It also involves adminstering a couple of database and servers and an internal web server. He's also working on a Ph.D. in English, although you wouldn't always know that from his posts. In his free time, Jay keeps his personal blog at http://www.engatiki.org, hacks around on a variety of systems including OS X, Linux (mainly SuSE), and OpenBSD, and is an occasional contributor to newbies@perl.org and comp.lang.perl.misc. You can also find him lurking on the NYCBUG lists, and one day he may make it to a meeting.

Articles By Jay Savage

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